Top tips for holding a meeting whilst walking

1. It’s great to have a meeting with no interruptions. If you don’t have a good meeting room then meet outdoors for a walk so you can have one another’s undivided attention.


2. Walking is a great way of letting off some steam. When you’re sitting in an office for a considerable period of time, it is good to have a change of dynamics and scenery. A walking meeting is great for being creative and problem solving. Walking meetings are best when you know the person/people you are meeting with well.

3. Do set an agenda as you would any other meeting. You can keep this on your phone or jotted down to make sure no salient points are missed.

4. Only hold a walking meeting when you don’t need to write too much down. It’s very difficult to go through key statistics or if you need to take notes when you’re walking. Assign someone to take along a small notepad to jot down any key actions. Be sure to recap and summarise the key points in an email later.

5. Walking meetings are most appropriate for one-to-one interaction. Having more people means there is a tendency to walk horizontally and a group discussion is tricky. One-to-one discussions are great when exploring fresh ideas, developing a shared purpose and building relationships. Four is the absolute maximum if you want everyone to be able to hear what each other is saying. Make sure everyone gets a chance to talk.

6. If you are keen on a more relaxed informal meeting then walking meetings are great. It enables you to socially bond with one another and open up about relevant personal issues. Try and keep to your meeting objective though. It’s important to keep on topic, listen to each other and debate key issues.

7. Ultimately taking a walk improves brain functionality and your general health. So try and arrange walking meetings frequently so you reap the rewards. Even if it’s a brisk walk with your team for ten minutes, it is beneficial for everyone’s brains and bodies.

8. A walking meeting is only beneficial if the pace is right. A too fast pace leaves you breathless and unable to absorb all the conversation. In addition, a slow paced walk leaves for a more relaxed approach whereby your mind may wonder off topic. Have a walking pace which suits both of you.

9. Your walking partner(s) needs some warning. Your partner needs to plan appropriate footwear and clothing so give a couple of days’ notice and ensure they are happy to walk with you.

10. Bear in mind you need to walk along quiet streets or better still in a nearby green space. Avoid busy roads that might make it challenging for everyone to hear.

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