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Since the company was founded in 2005, Today’s PA has always been focusing on providing highly practical training for PAs, EAs and other office professionals. Our hundreds of testimonials say we have succeeded. We have trained over 4000 companies and our graduates work in over 80 countries around the world.

Today's PA has been named the Best PA Training Provider in the UK, having been voted for by thousands of PAs in the Members’ Voice Award 2014.

Our courses and workshops are designed to engage and entertain, as well as inform – that’s how we can promise to make what can seem to be the dullest of subjects interesting. Equipped with our knowledge and skills, your working life will become easier and more successful – and enjoyable – than you could ever imagine. With the rapid advances in technology, Today’s PA specialises in helping PAs to increase their productivity, stay organised and save time with a more effective use of that technology. Our courses cover all Microsoft Office products at all levels.

Today’s PA also hosts an annual Conference and Awards the highlight of which is a £10,000 prize for the UK’s best PA. Visit for more information.

Below are just some of the 4000 companies who have sent PAs to the Today’s PA workshops recently.

BBC, Microsoft, Facebook, BT, Hilton, ADIDAS, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, British Library, The Carphone Wharehose, Deloitte, KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group, Vodafone, UNICEF, Westminster Abbey, Royal Air Force, Royal Horticultural Society, Selfridges, London 2012, Williams F1, TONI&GUY and many more. 

Paul Pennant (See full profile of Paul Pennant, MD of Today's PA here)
Managing Director, Today’s PA

How do delegates feel about our training?
“Today’s PA has changed me totally; it has changed my way of work in 3 ways: my style, my attitude and my focus. My manager has definitely noticed the change of the way I work, I’m definitely more assertive. My inbox is tidy and so is my boss’s. I’ve got files arranged from A-M, N-R, S-Z all business related emails are kept in alphabetical order in the files. It’s made it a lot easier for me when I’m requested to fish out an email and saves a lot of time. I never used to use my Task’s, but since Today’s PA I have got rid of all the post it notes and bits of paper I used to have scattered around my desk. Task’s is a great tool and I would recommend it to everyone”.
Taijjiba Janjua – Transport for London

“I walked out feeling more confident, empowered, motivated, competent and less stressed than I have ever felt. I could not wait to get into the office.”
Joanne Mayes – Pharmorphix

“Returning to work the Monday after Today’s PA course ran on the Thursday and Friday, was in a word ‘empowering’. Completing my evaluation I wrote that this course should be the industry standard for PA training. I should know I have been on a few; not because I felt that my skills needed brushing up, but because I had a wonderful boss who firmly believed in CPD, and would green light any course I requested, providing it made an impact in the work place on my return.

This course made an impact like no other, it changed the way I work, both in my career and in my home office; it gave me the confidence to say ‘No’ and also to stop apologising unnecessarily. I learnt more about Windows products, Outlook in particular, than on the Microsoft run courses I have been on. I now dress smarter in the work place, projecting an air of confidence that only wearing a suit gives you. I hold my head up high when I ask for things I want and need to be achieved by others. My productivity in a busy period in the office also improved as I concentrated better because I answered emails at set times of day, instead of constantly interrupting what I was doing, as another email popped into my inbox. While the quality of the work I produce has never been in question, because I work smarter now, I am not so fraught at the end of the day, I come into work energised, not dreading my inbox.“
Maddie Grant - Health Purchasing Victoria, Australia

“The course was obviously very effective as I have noticed an improvement in your overall performance and confidence, even though I never thought either was lacking prior to the course. The ideas provided by the course have proved extremely useful in all areas of your role and of real assistance to me in my role. Overall I think the course was a good idea and a great success.“
Boss of Naomi Vallance, GEOS

“Since Jasmine attended the course, I have been overwhelmed by the difference in her performance from day one. She has helped me achieve my objectives in a calm, effective manner and she does not seem to rush around as before, and is not fazed by any work I require - and she will question me if necessary, which is very refreshing. She has the answers at her finger tips and is in control and business like - I am very impressed that a two day workshop could have so much effect.”
Lt Col Wren - Chief of Staff at Headquarters Recruiting Group, MOD

“I just wanted to thank you for providing such a stimulating and thought-provoking course. I will certainly be implementing the tips and suggestions just as soon as I can. I returned to the office today with renewed vigour and cannot wait for the positive changes to start happening. You’re one smart cookie – keep doing what you’re doing, only good things can happen by taking the Today’s PA training and I, for one, will spread the word!“
Hayley North – Microsoft

“Just wanted to drop you an email to say a huge thank you for the excellent course you presented last week. I couldn't wait to get to work on Monday to try out some of the tips and put into practice working with the Task List... which actually took no time at all to set up, and I can say is really working very well. I have so much more I want to implement and try out... it’s getting the time to set it all up..... I have also asked my boss to go on further courses.“
Clare Trussler – Virgin