How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Inner Critic - that loyal companion of every entrepreneur, opening its mouth when we need it least.

"You can't do it! What if you fail? You will make a fool out of yourself!"

As I'm making some big leaps in my business, my Inner Critic is going a bit crazy. So I gathered it was about time to write about how to silence your inner critic since I need to silence mine. I hope it will help:

1. Disassociate from your thoughts

It is so easy to become a prisoner of our mind. Its constant chatter can be persuasive and it can make us believe that we are the ones who are thinking those thoughts. So we get scared. We can get paralysed and follow the ill advice of our inner critic.

But here is the thing. We don’t create our thinking. Thoughts just are. We ignore some of those thoughts, and we take ownership of others. We act as if those thoughts were us. But they’re not. We are not our thoughts. We are not our inner critics. We are far more than that.

Thoughts are simply an indicator of our current focus. They are often disguised as feelings.

If your thoughts are making you feel anything less than great, stop for a moment and think: “What am I focusing on right now?”

Listen to your inner critic. Notice what he / she has got to say. And then acknowledge: This is not me. Those are just thoughts. And I am not those thoughts. I am more than that!

2. Give your inner critic a name

The easiest way to disassociate yourself from your internal chatter is to give it a name. In fact, give it a whole personality.

As a transformative business coach, I have privileged access to my clients’ inner critics. They are inner bitches, Peppa Pigs, little monkeys… you name it.

Give them a distinctive voice. It helps a lot, since we naturally give our inner critic our voice. And that, of course, only makes him / her more powerful.

Talk to your inner critic. If she/ he says: “Why do you even bother?”, say back: “Why shouldn’t I?”

If she / he says: “You’re not good enough for this”, say back: “I knew YOU would say that!”

Giving your inner critic a distinctive personality empowers you to stand up for yourself and do as YOU want, not as he / she wants!

3. Ask yourself empowering questions

This technique is great if you want to get rid of limiting beliefs (i.e. repetitive thoughts you chose to believe).

First, write down all the beliefs that limit you. For instance: I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not lucky. It’s hard to earn money. etc.

Second, write an empowering question next to each limiting belief, starting with “Why”: Why am I good enough? Why am I smart enough? Why am I lucky? Why can it be easy to earn money? Etc.

Third, read out loud these empowering questions at least five times a day, for a minimum of one week.

As simple as this technique may sound, it activates your Reticular Activating System (RAS for short) – a part of the brain that is (amongst other things) responsible for making you notice what is relevant to you. It will open your thinking to access resources you never knew you had and over time can totally override your limiting beliefs with new, empowering ones.  

It’s a little bit like working with your internal Google search engine. If you constantly type into your Google question: “Why does it have to be so hard?”, what will you get? Answers to your question!

So it’s about asking yourself much better questions and overriding the voice of our inner critic.

4. Do it anyway!

There is nothing complicated about silencing your inner critic. It is just about being aware of what they’ve got to say, and then doing it your way anyway!

A while ago I visited a friend who owns a local recruitment agency. I met her at one of the local networking events. Unfortunately, she had to cease her membership as her business had been suffering for a while, and she was considering going back to work.

So when I saw her, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that her business had suddenly taken off and is stronger than ever.

When I asked her how she did it, she showed me a piece of paper with big writing saying: “I’ll do it anyway!”

“I realised that I am scared to do things. This constant chatter stops me from doing things I could do to grow my business. So this is my new remedy. Every time I get scared, I just tell myself: “I’ll do it anyway!”

In other words, she decided she would show her inner critic who the boss is. And her business is thanking her for it.

Over to you – how are you dealing with your inner critic?

To your advantage,


Article by Advantage Woman

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