5 Signs You’re on Your Way to Your Greatest Success

Taking your life and business to a whole new level can be one of the most exciting times in your life. I know this because that’s what I’m experiencing right now.

At the same time, it takes some pain. Seriously.

Not many people talk about this. They would rather let you believe that they “built a 6-figure business in a few months and you can do it too.”

Sure you can. You can achieve ANYTHING that your heart truly desires. It’s a universal law.

But it doesn’t happen because of one ‘secret’ or a ‘missing piece’. There’s no such a thing as instant success.

Instead, there’s a transition period - a bridge between your OLD and your NEW; a place that is most definitely out of your comfort zone.

And what you do whilst walking on that bridge can make the difference between reaching the other side (your dreams!) with grace and falling flat on your face.

I want you to succeed. If you have big dreams, it’s your right to live those dreams. It’s your destiny.

So, here are five things you may meet on your way from ‘old’ to ‘new’ and how to deal with them gracefully:

1. Butterflies in your tummy

You decide to make that phone call. Approach that person. Shoot that video. Run that webinar. Follow up. Take that next step towards your dream.

And just before you make that call/video/webinar, your tummy is full of butterflies. You’re scared.

That’s good. Those butterflies are showing you the signs towards the other side of the bridge.

Follow them, always.

(And next time, you’ll be less scared. Then even less. And after a while you realise that what used to scare you, is now your new normal. That’s because you arrived!)

2. Screaming Saboteurs

You decide to launch your new service, start your business, or register for that high-level programme. You feel inspired to do this. You know that this is your way to your greatness.

And then you sleep on it. And your saboteurs awaken. They start to scream:

“Who am I to think I can do this? I can’t possibly pull this off. What was I thinking? I can’t afford it… I don’t have enough time for this!”

Blah, blah, blah.

Your saboteurs don’t want you to follow your inspiration. They want you to second-guess yourself. They want you to go right back to where you were before, to your old self, to keep you “safe”.

Don’t trust your saboteurs. Have a conversation with them if you must. Tell them how it really is. (“And who am I NOT to do this? It’s my calling, it’s my duty!)

Breathe, give them a wink and move past them. Every time.

The braver you are (and the bigger dreams you have) the more saboteurs you meet. And they can be pretty loud!

But that doesn’t matter. As long as you stand in your power and move past them, they get quieter. Over time, they disappear all together – until you’re ready to step up again!

3. OLD circumstances staring you in your face.

You think, dream and act to bring your NEW into your reality but all you see is OLD.

You are working your butt off but there’s no sign of new clients (or you have even less clients than before you decided to leap).

You decide to move to a different country but all you see is your flat in London (or wherever you are).

You decide to publish your book but all you get is “no” from potential publishers.

All you see is OLD, staring in your face. And it pains you.

What you do when meeting your OLD on the way to your success is uber-important.

You either say to yourself: “Ok – so that didn’t work!!” …and you turn around and go back to your comfort zone (And your OLD will smile: “I got her back, hurray!”)

OR – you remain foolish. You continue dreaming. You set your sights on your NEW and remain blind to what’s happening around you. You take one more step towards your dreams. And then another and another. You continue working your butt off and you trust. You don’t let OLD circumstances defeat you. You defeat them.

I suggest the latter.

4. Overwhelm.

Giving birth to a new business and life takes lots of work. It takes pushing, pulling and energy that can move the mountains.

It can get overwhelming at times. Your ‘to do’ list will become longer than a toilet roll and you get the feeling that you cannot possibly manage all of that.

You can.

Write a list of all you need to do. Break it down. Delegate what you can and schedule the rest. Give the ‘other part of you’ (call it God, Universe, Higher Self, or whatever) a to do list too. Trust that you are supported.

And you will be.

Also, schedule ‘me time’ in your diary – time when you can relax, re-charge and spoil yourself (I’m still learning this one!)

It may sound paradoxical but it’s true: When we slow down, we speed up.

Self–care time is as important as working time. Together, they create magic.

5. Drama

If nothing else works, the OLD will send Miss Drama to do her work – illness, family drama, unexpected bills - you name it.

Breathe though it and know that this is just one of the signs that you’re on your way to your greatest success.

That’s right. All of these things are funny creatures and SIGNS of your exponential growth. And they are all temporary.

So take them as that.

And look forward to your NEW – it feels delicious on this side!

To your advantage,


Article by Advantage Woman http://www.advantagewoman.com/

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